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The Honduran Institute of Tourism declared Trujillo as one of the "Pueblo de Encanto" of Honduras. This cute little town with a lot of history and beautiful beaches has a lot to offer. Discover Trujillo and you will understand why this historic city is also known as the "Pearl of Honduras". 

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The Santa Barbara Fortress is the first European building built for military purposes by the Spanish colonists in the country. This fort has been declared a National Historic Monument and Patrimony of the Republic...
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Santa Barbara Fortress

The Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus landed on August 14, 1502 on his fourth voyage and called the place Punta de Caxinas. Later Don Hernán Cortés when visiting the Honduran coasts ordered the foundation of a base in that place to defend it, entrusting the task to Captain Cristóbal de Olid who in addition to creating the barracks renamed the place as "Villa del triunfo de la cruz" (Village of the Triumph of the Cross). In 1550 it is known that the Spaniards built with indigenous labor a defensive post for the coasts and the port.

They named the fortress "Santa Barbara" in honor of the patron virgin of the artillery and it is located on a hill overlooking the bay. At least 200 Spaniards lived in Trujillo at the time of its construction. In 1575 the General Captaincy of Guatemala ordered the transfer and placement of four cannons in a defensive point on the coast. Later, in 1629, it is known that the fortress had six artillery cannons to defend the city from pirates and corsairs who were doing their business in the Caribbean Sea.

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